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I am a family/friend caring for a person with dementia who is no longer driving.  I am interested in:


Having conversations to adjust to no longer driving

Although the person with dementia has stopped driving, discussions about how to help them maintain their independence should go on indefinitely. Keep the conversation going by having brief but frequent discussions.

Try these tips to have productive discussions about giving up driving productive: 

  • Include others on an ongoing basis: The person with dementia’s family members and friends, as well as professionals like their doctor, lawyer, financial planner, and care manager can all provide support for both you and the person with dementia on an ongoing basis.
  • Gauge the best times to talk: Pick times that work well for the person with dementia’s attention span and energy level. If the person with dementia becomes angry or agitated, gently end the conversation and start it up again later. 
  • Be open: Make sure the person with dementia feels comfortable sharing their thoughts and feelings. Listen and appreciate what the person with dementia thinks, as well as what others involved in the discussion have to say. 
  • Be prepared for emotional reactions: Be ready for reactions like anger and/or sadness, which may seem especially extreme. Keep in mind that this may in part be due to the memory and insight issues that are often associated with dementia.

 Here's what a family member has to say:

  • Talking about it is good to dispel feelings of frustration and loss. It's a big thing, to give up driving after a long time. It signifies a big change and can be very difficult.

Use this Not Going It Alone: Who can offer support? (click here) to help figure out all of the people who could provide support. It was produced by The Hartford. After reviewing the worksheet, when you close the worksheet's web page, it will automatically bring you back here. 

See a wife having a supportive conversation about giving up driving with her husband who has dementia.

Source: Alzheimer's Society 


See various family/friend carers having conversations about giving up driving with people with dementia. Although some of the content is specific to Australia, most of the ideas are helpful no matter where you live. 

Source: Alzheimer's Australia Vic.