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Understanding how dementia can affect my driving

  • Dementia can affect various brain functions that are necessary for safe driving.
  • How your driving skills are specifically affected depends on how far your dementia has progressed, as well as which parts of your brain are affected.
  • Problems that are common with dementia include:
    • Forgetfulness
    • Getting lost
    • Slower reaction time
    • Low attention span
  • Some people with dementia may be able to drive safely for some time after diagnosis. However, some people may have to stop driving at the time of diagnosis.
  • Over time, most people with dementia will lose the ability to drive safely.
  • This is because even though there are different types of dementia, all types affect the brain.
  • The longer someone with dementia continues to drive after diagnosis, the higher the chances are of getting into an accident.
  • Accidents can happen close to home like on trips to the grocery store or mall. This is why even taking short trips to familiar places is dangerous.

Here's what some people with dementia have to say:

  • It's very hard to give driving up. But, you have to think about other people around you. You could cause some serious damage to someone if you did get into an accident, just because you were being stubborn about not wanting to give up your licence.
  • It's a hard thing to do (stop driving), but in the long run it's better for everybody involved. Nobody is worried about me driving the car and having an accident. I would feel terrible if something happened.

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Source: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration